“DON”T step on the corals!!!”

I could barely hear my friend Ellie over the sound of my choking on water. We were snorkeling in the Andaman Sea, off the southern coast of Thailand. The water was a vibrant emerald, extending far into the horizon. The serene body was interrupted only by massive rock formations that acutely protruded from the water. But the beauty surrounding me was irrelevant, as I pranced on corals and tried to regain my composure. This was my first time breathing underwater.

Pushing my head underwater, the sound of Darth-vader breathing did not help ease my nerves. Then I remembered my father’s words, that to panic in the water creates the most dangerous situation… It is where instinct and impulse fail, leaving reason far behind.

I needed to breathe.

And when I finally did, I opened my eyes to a whole new world. I could feel my heart slowing; dozens of fish and hundreds of colors passed me by. Chaos, one moment. Serenity, the next. Two thumbs up to Ellie. This was awesome.


My name is Adam, and it’s precisely the confrontation and overcoming of challenges like the one above that drives me. Like breathing underwater, interacting with foreign cultures can be frightening and destabilizing. But, just like breathing underwater, becoming comfortable in these intimidating situations can open entire new worlds. You may ask, why would I be interested in “opening new worlds?”

Of course exploring different ways of living and meaning is fascinating in and of itself, but, more importantly, it brings me face-to-face with my own culture and life-meaning. In a time feared by many as marked by a degradation of values and the sense of identity, I’ve found a meaningful way to learn about myself and others.

Well, now you’ve read the basics About Me. Check out my posts/links to see if my thoughts

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Adam, hi, I’m trying to reach you regarding the story I wrote. I’ve sent a couple of emails via the two gmail accounts. One bounced back and I haven’t heard back from you on the other. Please get in contact.—Sandy at Wheaton.

  2. Michal Ozeri Goldberg says:

    I love what you shared here. Especially that you acquired this realization at relatively a young age (23). Some people go through long-life-experience without exploring other cultures; they reject & negatively judge cultures/traditions which are different from their own. This keeps them small and ignorant. It is beautiful and inspiring to witness your genuine voyage of discovery. LoVe &KisSes, Mother.

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