To Galle and beyond

On the way to Galle, the road took us through a picturesque landscape. Small boats dotted the horizon. Locals set up small shacks with rows of fish; the knife descended in an instant, “Chooop”, securing another sale.

Galle is apparently a popular destination for many Sri Lankan (and Indian?) newly weds, creating life-long memories through photo shoots and the scattered high-scale hotels. This couple was being photographed by a small crew, but I took the liberty to take several shots myself. Wouldn’t you?

I spent the morning walking around the Fort exterior walls, where the ocean is endless. Newly weds (above) and couples can be seen walking slowly or sitting and gazing outward. I came across this sculptor on the side of the road (left, below), a poor man living in a small shack (can be seen behind him). His creations include Hindi and Buddhist figures. I once heard that a man could attain Enlightenment through a simple act and becoming wholly engaged with that act. The way he worked, I wonder if he is well on his way…


This part of Sri Lanka is renown for its STILT FISHERMEN, who bury a stilt into the sandy ocean floor, sit atop a wooden makeshift chair and cast their line into the waters. In Galle I was disappointed to hear that these fishermen no longer fish in this tradition unless it’s for a tourist’s photo and small “photo fee”. I wasn’t exactly planning to do that… But as I traveled further south with a Korean friend Jinju, we were brought to an authentic fishing site by a local. The view was spectacular, but the on-and-off rain made it difficult to photograph, not to mention the ebbing tide that almost took me in.

The stilt fishermen patiently await their catch as monsoons near from the North and the sun slowly sinks into the ocean

Jinju and I spent the day exploring the coast, making quick excursions into side-roads and ancient temples. We found a local restaurant for some good old Sri Lankan rice and curry, when we met Upul (leftmost in picture to right). An engineer who builds water-pumps in the Maldives and in Sri Lanka, who is also currently building a small shack for relaxation on the beach accompanied by a startup dry-fish business, Upul is (clearly) a man of many trades. He showed us around the area, making sure to treat us to tea several times. He’s also a Dive Master, so perhaps we’ll go diving when the time is right.

After a day of adventures, Jinju and I returned to Galle.

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One thought on “To Galle and beyond

  1. mejinju says:

    Adam hey! It’s Jinju. so nice to read your words!!! and it reminds me of the days in Galle which now seems like a DREAM..!!
    and I cannot forget the fisherman in your video(remember?), his sparkling eyes maybe with some tears,:) so nice!

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